Company Profile


Our Commitment is Contribution for Society

■Contribution for Technological innovations

■Contribution for Environmental protection and  

   it's improvement

■Contribution for Safe and Secure Society

Company         SGM INC.

Business        Sales and Engineering service of Mechacera (water             

                       treatment of cooling tower) system and Keim paint for

                       Japanese market

Address         6-14-2-103 Sagamihara, Chuo-Ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa                                252-0231 Japan


Phone/FAX +81-42-814-7542


Since             April 1st 2015


Capital           9 Million J.Yen


Bank              The Tama Shinkin Bank, Sagamihara Br.

       Kiraboshi Bank, Sagamihara Br.


Yutaka Ueno

Managing Director