Basic Principle

​■ The catalytic principle of Mechacera system is the catalysis that let a Mechacera Ball come in contact with circulating water and/or drainage water, and through this chemical reaction Mechacera water is got from Chlorine and show variety of effects in Water purification.


​     HClO→HCl+[O]

             (Catalytic Reaction)

​■ [O] is Oxygen of the developmental stage with strong oxygenation

​■ pH adjustment (H⁺ Reduction Reaction)



(Sodium Hypochlorite) 

Catalytic reaction with Mechacera ball         

● Mechacera catalytic + Radical oxygen is generated
  by function of Chlorine​
● Active oxygen breaks down organic matter
● pH adjustment (H⁺ Reduction reaction is generated)

Reaction process

​                HCℓO +  NaOH + HCℓ


O₂⁻ (Superoxide generation)

H₂O₂ (Hydrogen peroxide)

H₃O₂ (Superoxide water)

OH Radical Reaction (Oxidation action)

H⁺ (Reduction action by Mechacera Ball) 

Note:  Eenergy action by Mechacera ball

Mechacera apparatus
Ceramic balls Basket  
Ceramic balls Catalyst Water
Sodium Hypochlide (NaClO) 
through Chemical injection unit