Mechacera System  (Water Purification System)

■ History and Background
The Mechacera system was developed in 1983 through joint research with Tohoku University(a National university).

The key technology of this system is Super Oxide Ion Generation Method (Patent: 3537085). Its main products are for wastewater purification, treatment of waste oil, etc., and deodorization of human waste and household wastewater and reduction of sludge in agricultural villages and sewers. Actually, Water purification quality is surprisingly stable with low cost. When installing Mechacera device, there is no need to change existing equipment,  reliable and robust ceramic balls can be used semi-permanently. 


For more than 30 years since its launch, Mechacera equipment has been adopted by many companies including major companies in Japan and foreign countries.

Key principles

Mechacera water produced by contacting an aqueous solution containing free chlorine with a functional ceramic ball (trade name: Mechacera) having an oxidation catalyst reducing water function can be used to deodorize, reduce sludge, decompose oils, etc.

As a feature of the deodorizing effect, it efficiently decomposes Ammonia, Hydrogen sulfide, Mercaptan and etc.

■ Merit
These patents and core technologies are simpler in principle than conventional technologies, and are characterized by their small size, significantly lower construction costs, easy maintenance, and extremely long life. In recent years, environmental issues have become an important theme of society and are well received from various fields, such as sewerage, agricultural settlement drainage business, and food factories.

■ Applicable facilities and effect by Mechacera system

1)   Cooling Tower

  •       prevention of Rust, Rust / Scale removal, restraint Legionella pneumophilia / Escherichia coli sterilization, Resists Biofilm/Alga        Growth

2)   Painting factory, Oil/Fat factory, Car maintenance garage, Food factory, General factory, Restaurant kitchen, Hotel and Shopping Mall

  •       Grease Trap / Treating Oil-Containing Wastewater/ Sludge volume reduction / Rust prevention

3)   Agriculture/Fishery village drainage processing facilities

  •       Sludge volume reduction / Deodorization

4)   Pig Hall, Barn, Poultry houses

  •       Sterilization / Deodorization

5)   Restroom

  •       Remove Uric acid / Deodorization

6)   School, Nursing home, Circulation bathtub, Swimming Pool, Fountain, Pond Water treatment / Legionella pneumophilia sterilization

7)   Others


The Mechacera-System can be used for a quite longer time (more than 10 years at least) without replace of the ceramic balls by maintenance properly  (wash and clean the ceramics every year). Also, Operational chemicals (i.e. chlorine) can be greatly reduced which should be friendly to environment.