Mechacera System  (Water Purification)

■ History and Background
The Mechacera system was developed in 1983 by collaborative investigation with Tohoku University. The basic technique of the system the superoxide ion outbreak method (a patent: The main registered file was its quality of the water purification processing such as the waste oil and deodorization of raw sewage and the life waste water from miscellaneous sources in an agricultural settlement and the sewer, quality of the water purification, a product for the purpose of the reduction of the grime. I come by use semipermanently without the clean water quality being surprisingly stable, and changing low cost, existing facilities.

■ Key principles
Functional ceramic ball (a trade name Mechacera) which incorporated an oxidation catalytic reduction water function in the water solution which contains free chlorine A technique to have both effects such as deodorization, grime reduction, the resolution of the oil by the Mechacera water utilizing a chemical reaction to in contact with Mechacera is base technology. It has a characteristic to break down ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, the Mel turnip tongue into effectively as a deodorization effect

■ Merit
The patents and basic technique  theoretically easier than a conventional technique, and in small size and a cost of construction can be quite reasonably cheap, maintenance are easy, and extremely long life.  Under environmental problem becomes the social important theme these days, we are receiving favorable reception from Sewer, Agricultural settlement drainage business, food Industry and many others

■ Applicable facilities and effect by Mechacera system

1)   Cooling Tower

  •       prevention of Rust, Rust / Scale removal restraint, Legionella pneumophilia / Escherichia coli sterilization, Alga  outbreak restraint

2)   Painting factory, Oil/Fat factory, Car maintenance garage, Food factory, General factory, Restaurant kitchen, Hotel and Shopping Mall

  •       Grease Trap / Treating Oil-Containing Waste Water/ Sludge volume reduction / Rust prevention

3)   Agriculture/Fishery village drainage processing facilities

  •       Sludge volume reduction / Deodorization

4)   Pig Hall, Barn, Poultry houses

  •       Sterilization / Deodorization

5)   Restroom

  •       Remove Uric acid / Deodorization

6)   School, Nursing home, Circulation bathtub, Swimming Pool, Fountain, Pond 

  •       Water treatment / Legionella pneumophilia sterilization

7)   Others

The Mechacera-System can be used for a quite longer time (more than 10 years at least) without replace of the ceramic balls by maintenance properly  (wash and clean the ceramics every year). Also, Operational chemicals (i.e. chlorine) can be greatly reduced which should be friendly to environment.