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Mechacera System - Product Range

New Multi-Eco

New Multi-Eco|Water Treatment|SGM INC.|Cooling Tower


 Entry model and for small facilities


 Cooling Tower


 Grease Trap

​ others

●Water Flow Rate:<78㎥/h

Medium-sized can type

​Large-sized can type

Mechacera System | Medium Can Type | SGM INC.
Mechacera System | Water Treatment | Large Can Type | Cooling Tower | SGM INC.

●Type of water to be treated and it's volume and quality,  applicable model of the Mechacera device is recommended.

  • HES series  

  • ODA series

  • SDO series

  • ODS series

  • Lake-Nostra 


   Waste oil treatment at Automobile maintenance shop

   Car wash wastewater treatment at gas stations

   Power plant cooling water treatment

   Prevention of Mussel adhesion

   Purification and decomposition treatment of blood

   Wastewater purification and deodorization of wastewater treatment plants

   Bill pit scum / slime generation prevention, deodorization

   Prevention of corrosion of on-site equipment due to Hydrogen sulfide and Ammonia

   Cooling Tower


   Grease Trap



●Water Flow Rate:78㎥/h<