Cooling Tower (Water Treatment by Multi-Eco)


You can expect to improve efficiency of the cooling system (CT) , improve water quality and solve connected piping problems inside (i.e. rust & scale). Also, it leads reduction of Power consumption of pumps.

Softening its unity of scale attached to inside wall of the circular pipes and at the same time, peel Silica off which usually  hard to remove. Due to the strong oxidation action, blue algae of disinfection, Legionella, and suppress the outbreak you can maintain clean and sanitary water quality. As a result of the interaction of these, relatively easy and low running costs for maintenance are possible.

In principle, no plumbing is required and just put in the lower water tank of CT. It is widely used at water for livestock health management is required, water pipes, wastewater treatment plant, Kitchen (oil degradation) and Anti-rust etc. as well as Cooling tower because of its covenience.

■Referential Report - "Multi-Eco Demonstration Exeriment" 

Auto Parts Plant in Kanagawa1.JPG
Auto Parts Plant in Kanagawa2.JPG

■ "Multi-Eco"  benefit and comparison with Chemical Treatment

Scale inhibitory action (1)

  • ​By Mechacera catalysts and Chlorine dioxide, Chlorine chemical changes and have effect for the scale and rust (made of Ferric hydroxide, Calcium carbonate, Magnesium carbonate and etc.);

    →   Scale is electrically stripped by Mechacera water

      →   Changing  scale to chemical substances dissolved in water. Iron Chloride, Calcium      

            Chloride, Magnesium chloride, and Iron compounds ingredient melt delamination is

            repeatedly continued and Magnetite layer (Black Rust) is formed in the pipe.

Scale inhibitory action(2)

  • ​​Inhibits crystallization of metal ion and stability improvement of water quality (pH)

  → Suppresses the crystallization of metal ions (precipitation particles)

  • Water quality improvement of crystallize particles sticking to sprawl (microbial inhibition)

  → By preventing Biofilm generation prevent Scale sticking 

  • By peeling off the scale, have a disinfecting effect

      →   Exfoliate scale with the Biofilm

Effects and benefits

  • Avoid clogging dissolves the Biofilm adheres to the louver and fin, pipes, coil, given changes in the Crystal structure of the scale, unity on the loose enable easy to peel them off and increases effeciency rate of heat exchange

  • Minimize the occurrence of blue-green algae and blue algae and keep the water clean

  • It keeps hygienic water quality by suppresses breeding of bacteria such as Legionella bacteria

  • Algicide・It is economical to reduce drug cost such as anti-legionella drug

  • Ceramic balls used are catalyst reactions and regular "replacement is unnecessary"