Empirical Experiment Report

Cooling Tower - Algae and  Scale

Empirical experiment of Mechacera system was started in real at one of our customers plant in Sagamihara, Japan on 7/21/2017 after the preliminary investigation on 16/6/2017. Result from empritical experiment is reported with photo and comment here.

Photo below are on  6/16/2017, before the experiment started. Water in the Cooling tower had been treated without use of drugs and supplied with only fresh water for long time and "Algae" was in highly bredis and taking half a day cleaning. This Empirical experiment was a challenge whether it can solve the problems or not.  


Cooling Tower: EBARA SHINWA, Water flow rate: 1950 l / min.

Mechacera equipment:Marucheko 2 sets、Drug Administrating Floater 2 sets(21/7/2017~4/8/2017)、reduced number of setting equipments for adjustment to Marucheko 1 set and Floater 1 set (4/8/2017~19/9/2017)

Drug:Trichloroisocyanuric acid(Solid chlorine)

Observation Points Front side

Observation Points Back side

Cooling Tower inside (Lower water tank)

16/6/2017 CT Lower Water Tank
Some foam on the surface of the water.
In the floating ball right back is covered with algae. Regular cleaning, has been done rather than a special drug injection.
21/7/2017 (launch day)
State right after setting 2 sets of Marucheko and Floater (for Trichlorotheanull acid
21/7/2017 (1 hour after set)
1 hour after setting Marcheko & Floater 2 sets. Some "bubbles" and "dirty" of Calcium carbonate, Magnesium carbonate, Silica are observed in Lower tank.
See the effect by Marucheko
24/7/2017 (3 days later)
Bubbles from degraded organic matter, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, silica, etc.
4/8/2017 (14 days later)
For adjust power of performance of the Marcheko and floater, reduced them to 1 set.
Bubbles still are occurred by oxidation of algae and organic matter
4/8/2017 (14 days later)
Floating ball (white) by Algae sticking changed to very thin
18/8/2017 (29 days later)
More foam, MOSS-colored stains
18/8/2017 (29 days later)
The right side of the lower tank. Stands out the dirty bubble
18/8/2017 (29 days later)
Left side of lower tank

Observation Point No.1 (Louver Fin, left side)

16/6/2017   No.1
Algae are grown thick
21/7/2017 (launch day) No.1
Algae are grown thick on the entire Louvre
21/7/2017 (launch day) No.1
Algae are grown thick on the entire Louvre
24/7/2017 (3 days later)No.1
Algae are getting to break down. Also it can be easily removed
4/8/2017 (14 days later) No.1
Although we do not grasp state of the louvers inside, Algae getting wither (bleaching) and original color of Louver are appeared outside of all Louvers
4/8/2017 (14 days later) No.1
The algae disappeared considerably and the ground color of the louver can be confirmed
4/8/2017 (14 days later) No.1
Algae withers and turns white, falls easily
18/8/2017 (29 days later)No.1
The amount of circulating water flowing from the upper tank increased. Also, the dirt on the louver advanced further. Lower tank water temperature rose from 25 ℃ to 29.7 ℃. It seems started taking heat of circulation.

Observation Point No.2  (Louver Fin, right side)

21/7/2017 (launch day) No.2
The louver area is covered tightly with algae
21/7/2017(launch day) No.2
There are considerable algae inside the louvers due to many years of algae breeding condition
24/7/2017 (3 days later) No.2
Algae growing on the outside of the louvers are whitening (withering) in places although the whole surface is also breeding
4/8/2017 (14 days later) No.2
Algae disapperes and the ground color of the louvers can be seen throughout
4/8/2017 (14 days later) No.2
The light gray color inherent to the louvers can be confirmed even green color of the algae overall
18/8/2017 (29 days later) No.2
Algae disapperes and the ground color of the louvers can be seen throughout
18/8/2017 (29 days later) No.2
Alga disappeared from Louvres

Observation Point No.3  (Louver Fin, right side)

21/7/2017(launch day) No.3
Algae flourish
4/8/2017(14 days later)No.3
The green color of algae has withered in a considerable part and disappeared, and it has changed to the original gray color of the louver
4/8/2017 (14 days later) No.3
It is effective for Algae by Marucheko. As the Algae are lost, circulating water passing (through the upper sprinkling tub inside louver) correctly contacts the louver falls into the lower tank
18/8/2017 (29 days later)No.3
The algae dirt disappears and the color of the louver can be confirmed
18/8/2017 (29 days later)No.3
Bubbles fouled off by the action of Mechacera water can also be confirmed outside the lower tank

Observation Point No.4  (Louver Fin, another side of cooling tower)

21/7/2017 (launch day)No.4
Algae breeding to the bottom of the louver
24/7/2017 (3 days later) No.4
Algae grows to No. 4 in the lower part of the louver, but the algae whiten partially and you can see slightly a gray substrate of louver fins
24/7/2017 (3 days later) No.4
Breeding algae are whitening (withering) in places
18/8/2017 (29 days later)No.4
No.4 point on the reverse side of CT observation points 1 to 3. The way the alga falls is amazing! Problems that were clogged in the upper tank were solved and the amount of circulating water falling was evenly increased
18/8/2017 (29 days later) No.4
It can be confirmed original color of the louver