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Grease Trap - Kitchen Wastewater Treatment and Sludge Reduction

Sludge Reduction

   The installation of Mechacera system confirmed the effect of sludge reduction of 70% ~ 88% annually in the following 4 cases

GT Sludge reduction Graph.GIF
Sludge Volume, Unit: M3

Kitchen drainage (Grease Trap)

A factory of major manufacturer in Kanagawa Prefecture, problems such as ① Scum, ② Off-flavor generation, and ③ Pest generation generated inside the Grease trap for kitchen drainage were observed.

After Mechacera ODS-ZIII (medium-sized can body) was installed, oil in drainage was decomposed by Mechacera Water, almost no Scum was generated, Off-flavors disappeared, and the value of Normal Hexane was decreased. As shown in the pictures.

Scum Decomposition Mechanism

Grease Trap with Mechacera Device

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