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Deodorizer - Odor removal (i.e. Hydrogen Sulfide Gas) 

Improvement effect of many cases below by Mechacera system against extremely high risk and bad smell of Sulfide hydrogen Gas at 

     Night soil treatment plant

Odor remove.GIF
After apply Mechacera
Before apply Mechacera

Deodorizer/Scrubber for Plant Exhaust Gas and others

Mechacera device use a chemical reaction to deodorize by contacting an aqueous solution containing free chlorine with ceramic ball containing an Fe / Mn / Co-based oxidation catalyst. It is Sterilization and oxidation technology. It has a deodorizing effect on the following offensive odors

1)Ammonia             (NH₃)

2)Methyl mercaptan (CH₃-S-H)

3)Hydrogen sulfide    (H₂S)

4)Methyl sulfide       (CH₃-S-CH₃)

5)Trimethylamine      [(CH₃)₃N]

6)Methyl disulfide    (CH₃-S-S-CH₃)

7)Acetaldehyde       (CH₃CHO)

8)Styrene               (CH=CH₂)

9)Skatole                (C₉H₉N)

10) other

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