Odor removal (Hydrogen Sulfide Gas) 

Improvement effect cases below by Mechacera system against extremely high risk and bad smell of Sulfide hydrogen Gas at Night soil 

     treatment plant

Deordorizer/Scrubber for Plant exhaust gas and others

Mechacera device use a chemical reaction to deodorize by contacting an aqueous solution containing free chlorine with ceramic ball containing an Fe / Mn / Co-based oxidation catalyst. It is Sterilization and oxidation technology. It has a deodorizing effect on the following offensive odors

1)Ammonia             (NH₃)

2)Methyl mercaptan (CH₃-S-H)

3)Hydrogen sulfide    (H₂S)

4)Methyl sulfide       (CH₃-S-CH₃)

5)Trimethylamine      [(CH₃)₃N]

6)Methyl disulfide    (CH₃-S-S-CH₃)

7)Acetaldehyde       (CH₃CHO)

8)Styrene               (CH=CH₂)

9)Skatole                (C₉H₉N)

10) other