Mechacera FAQ

Mechacera FAQ

Depending on quality of the water used, the residual chlorine concentration in the circulating water need to be controlled 1 to 1.5 ppm.

Since the concentration of chlorine is as thin as tap water, there is no problem. The harm of chlorine is exerted on the ceramic, and it is almost harmless after contact with the ceramic (does not corrode). This means that active oxygen (hydroxy radicals) are generated as a result of chlorine damage to the ceramic.

The photocatalyst by titanium oxide is attracting attention, but the reason why active oxygen (hydroxyl radical) is generated is that the energy of chlorine is added to the ceramic by adding a small amount of chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) to the patented special ceramic. Acts and can generate active oxygen even in water and in places where light does not reach, just like when titanium oxide hits ultraviolet rays.

Reactive oxygen and radicals are names given to highly reactive molecules, and they are powerful enough to not only purify the environment, but also in the human body as a driving force to kill white blood cells. It is familiar and is called as such, including all hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions.


Even if active oxygen is generated in white blood cells, it functions locally, so the human body is not violated by the active oxygen, that is, active oxygen is two-sided and merits

Regarding the occurrence of active oxygen in the circulating water of the clean tower, NaCl + H2O → ceramic device tube (generated in contact with HCl / HClO / NaOH ceramic, hydrochloric acid / hypochlorous acid) → O₂ active oxygen generation → H₂O₂ peroxidation Hydrogen water generation → H3O2 hydroxyl water generation pH 7 ~ 8 The “reducing action” does not affect the surroundings. By the way, we use ultra-pure water at the cutting edge of pure water production. Since the concentration of sodium hypochlorite is reduced to a reaction of 0.01 ppm or less, it becomes 0.01 / 1,000,000, and the content is close to 0 with no effect.

In the environment where Mecacera water is passed, the amount of active oxygen is constantly generated, though it is very small. Microorganisms, for example, are part of a large amount even if they are damaged and die, and they grow and proliferate further. Organic matter and organic sludge are oxidized and reduced by the active oxygen that is constantly generated even in a small amount.

We make every effort to ensure quality, but if there is a failure or malfunction, please contact us immediately. We will respond more promptly than engineers.

Unless there are special circumstances, the ceramic ball itself, which is the core of the system, can be used semipermanently if regular cleaning maintenance is performed.

Both lease and rental contracts that level the initial investment over several years and reduce the burden on users are possible. Please consult with us

Preliminary trials are an important point, so please consider them. Request free trial within 2 months
Please consult us for details.

​Basically, our contracted maintenance company performs ceramic ball cleaning once a month from 6 months to 1 year after installation (charged). Details here

Users can also perform maintenance on their own referring users manual.